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I don’t believe what I just saw… Alexa Fortman does it again

If you ask people what they think the hardest races in Track & Field are, 80% of them will either say the 400 or 800.  That is what makes what Alexa Fortman of Ottawa-Glandorf has done so impressive.  Not only did she accomplish this feat this year, but she also did it last year.  What did she do you might ask?  She won both the 400 and 800 meters at the D2 State Track and Field championships, in back to back years.  Most people don’t even attempt that double, because the events are so brutal and also so close together.  The 300 hurdles are the only even in between the 400 and 800, so you probably have about 15 minutes of rest.  After completing her second consecutive 400/800 double this year, she wasn’t done yet.  She came back about 45 minutes later and anchored her 4×400 relay to victory, holding off a furious charge from Peninsula Woodridge.  Congratulations to senior Alexa Fortman of Ottawa-Glandorf on an incredible career.