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An epic performance from Juliette Laracuente-Huebner of Marengo Highland

4 gold medals, 2 state records, 1 team runner-up trophy and 1 incredible athlete.

If you were at Jesse Owens Stadium on Friday morning, you would have heard the entire crowd clapping in unison as a young lady was making a special attempt in the high jump.  Juliette Laracuente-Huebner was attempting a state record height in the high jump, and on her second attempt she cleared it.  That jump made her the new division 2 state record holder at 5’10.75″.  And believe it or not, that was just the beginning of what she was about to accomplish.  In the first race of today, Juliette won the 100 meter hurdles and in doing so set an all-time division 2 state record with a time of 13.64 seconds.  After that she went back to the field events and nearly broke another state record in winning the girls long jump with a great jump of 19’11”.  To cap off her amazing performance, she came back to the track and won gold once again in the 200 meters.  4 gold medals, 2 state records and one absolutely incredible athlete.  With her 4 wins, which adds up to 40 points, she secured the team runner-up for her school.  Incredible.  Congratulations to Juliette Laracuente-Huebner on an unbelievable high school career.